At SyVento Care, we believe that the key to effectiveness in cosmetics and dietary supplements is bioavailability.

We offer our Customers technologically advanced, innovative solutions for encapsulating active substances in nanocarriers, allowing to effectively reach their destination and fully release their potential. In our work we use the latest scientific achievements, paying the greatest attention to the high quality of our products.

Who are we?

Our research team is located in Cracow, Poland, where we use our in-depth knowledge of biotechnology and nanotechnology to develop advanced carrier systems for active substances.
More than 50% of our research team holds PhDs in natural sciences – mainly biotechnology and chemistry.

SyVento Worldwide

ISO 22716 Certificate

In 2017, we launched an ISO 22716 certified line for the production of advanced lipid carriers, the only one of this type in this part of Europe.

We support our customers and their innovation – we offer our customers a full range of services related to the development of liposomal products based on their ideas: from formulation development to product manufacturing and packaging.


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