Lipoline® D3

Vitamin D3 is a chemical compound called cholecalciferol – a steroidal compound, a derivative of cholesterol. It is synthesized in the skin when exposed to ultraviolet light and is therefore often called the “sunshine vitamin.”

Vitamin D supports healthy bones by enhancing the absorption of calcium and phosphate. Recent evidence suggests that low vitamin D levels cause muscle and bone pain. With more and more people spending less time in the sun due to work, vitamin D deficiency is common, especially during the winter months, October to March, when the sun hardly shows, a simple way to increase levels is supplementation.

Vitamin D helps:

  • in the correct absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphorus,
  • helps to maintain the proper calcium levels in the blood,
  • helps to maintain healthy bones,
  • helps to maintain healthy teeth,
  • helps in the proper functioning of the muscles,
  • helps in the proper functioning of the immune system.

Vitamin D3 – 50 ╬╝g (2000 IU) in 2 ml