Power of liposomes

Liposomes are structures formed spontaneously from phospholipids. They have the form of vesicles 0.01-1 μm in size, filled with water (or aqueous solution) and surrounded by a double lipid layer about 5 nm thick. The liposome surroundings is constructed analogously to biological membranes. Liposomes are found in living organisms, e.g. in blood. They can also be produced industrially.

Unique applications

Artificially produced liposomes are mainly used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, as well as in scientific research as a model of a biological membrane. Inside liposomes, solutions or water suspensions of various substances, including drugs or nucleic acids, can be placed. This feature enables liposomes to be used as carriers of various active substances.

SyVento’s research team develops advanced carrier systems for active substances dedicated to cosmetics, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals, which revolutionize the efficiency of delivery of active substances to the human body.