LIPOLINE® Food supplements

LIPOLINE® is a modern delivery system of active substances, with a structure based on phospholipids. Its high effectiveness is guaranteed by lipid composition and homogeneous size.


Revolution in the efficiency of delivery of active substances into the body.

Bioavailability is the degree and speed at which a substance penetrates into the bloodstream and thus reaches the site of action. High bioavailability means a more effective therapeutic effect. The bioavailability of active substances in orally administered liposomes is up to 80%.


Efficient encapsulation of active substances is our advantage.

Studies of LIPOLINE® and similar market products indicate high stability and effective encapsulation of the active substance in liposomes. Studies of similar products have shown the presence of active substances outside liposomes.

Added value

Because of the use of liposomes even highly hydrophobic substances are soluble in water, which further increases the bioavailability.